Live Recordings

If you have ever wanted to create a compact disc of your band’s live performance, fat audio can record you live in concert, anywhere at anytime*.
As a live recording facility, we can record any genre of band a recording service that is a true replication of what your band sounds like live.
We are equipped to record your concert or rehearsal, and then provide you with a recording that can be mastered onto compact disc.

Live rock show

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 We can record :

  • Acoustic music

  • Rock bands

  • School concerts

  • Electronic music and Dj’s

  • Classical music

  • Concert bands

  • Big bands

  • Jazz bands

  • Brass bands

  • Blues bands

  • Drumming bands

  • Solo instrumentalists

  • Solo vocalists

  • Choirs

fat audio will capture a professional recording of your band at your performance anywhere in South Australia, indoors or outdoors.

Once it is recorded we can :

  • Mix the recording of your concert down onto a CD which can then be mastered or

  • Supply you with a multi-track version of the recording so you can mix it down yourself and then produce your own CD

The choice is yours!

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* South Australia Only

We bring a P.A. and a sound engineer to your performance.

While you and your band perform, we mix you.

Check out the band packs page to see what packs we offer.

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